DeFi DOJO presents official partnership with Thorstarter

Enter DeFi DOJO


  • yNFT Extractor — a mechanism that allows you to receive all accompanying tokens associated with a particular yNFT and claim potential gains generated by the yNFT hybrids.
  • Marketplace for yNFTs — to make the path to DeFi more customer friendly, DeFi DOJO aims to introduce a NFT/DeFi hybrids marketplace where users can easily buy or sell, create or dismantle yNFTs injected with liquidity provider (LP) tokens, lending/borrowing tokens, and many others in the future. Such a pioneering platform will help acquire DeFi products in a more customer friendly manner.
  • Dashboard with Analytics — an interactive DeFi DOJO hub presenting all users’ yNFTs, NFT Samurais, assets and statistics to manage your portfolio.
  • User’s Profile and Onboarding — less experienced users will have a chance to get to know the DeFi DOJO ecosystem in an interactive manner. The onboarding model will focus on the information shared with new members — step by step in order to broaden their knowledge about the DeFi world.
  1. Determine a USD based amount
  2. Purchase selected digital assets
  3. Yield Bearing yNFT
Please familiarize yourself with the whitepaper, which will also inform you about the main risks associated with crypto assets. Click here for the whitepaper.

The $DJO Token

  1. $DJO Staking (single asset pool) — Providing $DJO rewards and a launchpad-experience, allowing whitelisted users to take part in periodical Mystery Box sales.
  2. Liquidity Mining (LP) — Users can use it to synthesize liquidity equity proof (LP), which can be utilized for unlocking and mining $DJO (when an equal amount of 2 assets is provided, e.g., a DJO/MATIC pair — this is the DEX providing liquidity).
  3. Rarity Farming — Combining yield NFT hybrids with NFT Samurais to earn $DJO tokens, based on the rarity score of elements that build your NFT Samurai as well as the amount of funds deposited into the yNFT that you own.
  4. Member Rights — Stake to obtain additional $DJO tokens and transaction discounts allocated by the DeFi DOJO Treasury.
  5. Community Governance — Users can participate in community governance by staking to initiate proposals and participate in voting.

The $DJO Pre-IDO

  • Network: Polygon
  • Token: $DJO
  • Date: Ongoing
  • Price: $0.06 (minimum amount for participation: $50,000)
  • Vesting: 10% on TGE, then 10% unlocked quarterly in the 1st year, followed by 15% quarterly in the 2nd year


  • Network: Polygon
  • Token: $DJO
  • Date: TBA
  • Price: $0.075
  • Raise Size: TBA
  • Vesting: 30% on TGE, 3-month cliff, then 10% monthly linear

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Information about risks inherent to crypto assets:



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